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Site Terms & Conditions

1. Parties


As used in this Agreement: 


“You”, "Your" or "Customer" refers to you as the specific individual who is the Customer, and who agrees to abide by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

"Website" or  "Site" refers to and

"We", "Company" or "Our" refers to Two Lions Group Publishing,

2. Purchasing

"Product" or "Services" refers to all products, programs, and services provided by Two Lions Group Publishing,

"Order" or "Purchase" "Payment" refers to when an order is placed for services and products.  Orders can be placed by You by phone, in person, and through the site

3. Use of Information


All information and other materials, including third party information and materials, appearing on our site, (“Material”) is confidential and you must keep all such Material confidential. Unless otherwise clearly indicated, you may not download Material appearing on this Web Site.


4. No Transfer of Right to Access


You may not share, assign or transfer your access to this website


5. Copyright


The entire contents of this website are protected by copyright and other laws. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement, you must not copy, redistribute, publish or otherwise exploit any part of this website without prior written permission by the managing officers of Two Lions Group LLC.  You can make a direct request via email at .

Terms & Conditions

When accessing this site You (customer) agree to comply with the site terms of service.  The terms of service apply to all visitors at all times that they access and use this website.  

This company does not permit anyone under the age of 18 to use this website.  You represent that You are of or over the age of 18. ​

When submitting an order or using this site you agree that you are of or over the age of 18.

When accessing the site or purchasing from our services you agree to our terms of service.  If you do not agree with the site terms of service You are asked to not access the website.

When accessing the website or making a purchase of our services from the website You acknowledge that you have read and agree with the site's terms of service.

The company reserves all rights on collaboration and collection projects.  When you submit to participate in a collaboration or collection project you accept these terms.

The team of editors, writers, and marketing support is engaged from the start of all projects and they transfer all rights and ownership of products to the company.  All services are non-refundable

Refund policy

Please read our terms of service and policies carefully.  By making a purchase of a service or product you are confirming your understanding and agreeing to the terms of service, including the refund policy. 


All products and services are non-refundable.

Refunds are applied in special cases, such as:


Change of mind.  As the client, you are entitled to a refund before the members of our author, editing, or marketing teams begin working on your project.  Once the project work has started you are not entitled to a refund.

Delayed delivery.  On-time delivery is our goal for all projects.  We are not responsible for delays due to client issues, events outside of our control, or "acts of God".  You are not entitled to a refund in these cases.  We will work with our clients to extend services, discounts or make settlement in special cases.

Unsatisfactory or incompetent delivery.  If the work is delivered and does not meet the project requirements we will work towards a resolution as described below in the settlement and resolution

Settlement and resolution.  The company will make every effort to resolve a refund request.  Our first efforts will be to offer a discount or other additional services.  If the client's situation meets refund requirements all services and work done of the project to date will be prorated on the 

Refund time

Refunds are processed within 14 - 21 days of the project delivery date.  

Clients must be aware of the refund policy and refund date when completing an order

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