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Business Team

Two Lions Group Publishing


Bringing your story to the community!

Our Services

Supporting your writer needs!

Writing & Development

Our authors are our family and we want to present all of them as the talented storytellers they each are inside.  Not everyone gets their stories out with ease and properly structured. 

  • We have writers to help with tips and feedback to build your story,

  • Editors to proofread for structure, grammar, and form

If you have a story to tell we can help you bring it out and will ensure it is the best representation of you!

writer development

We handle all publishing aspects for your book.  Our publishing services include cover design, layout, formatting, and upload to Amazon, Kindle, and other major booksellers as eBook and print on demand.  

Promotion & Marketing
Summits & Events

Once we publish our marketing team focuses on getting our authors booked for interviews, speaking events, and summits.  Our branding services include creating landing pages for both author and book.  


Collaboration& Collection Projects

Call for authors!


Have a place in a professionally published best-selling book!

We have created a high-quality, desirable and affordable solution for our authors to be a part of a professionally published best-selling book. 

We offer a unique opportunity for authors to be a part of a collaborative collection of stories, information, or essays.  When you participate in one of our book projects, you will be in a real book that will be distributed through the Amazon network.  Giving you and your brand more credibility, visibility, and experience.  Helping to create you as a sought-after speaker and guest.

Author benefits include:

  • 1 chapter as a featured author in the project book

  • Be featured on the website and in all our communications/marketing supporting the project

  • Included as a featured author/speaker during a special book launch summit 

  • Inclusion of their presentation from the book launch summit in a free ebook

  • Ability to state that you are a BEST SELLING author

  • Placement of your picture and biography on the book's promo website 

  • A listing as a member of our author family

  • Invitations to special speaking events as part of the book's marketing 

  • Appearance during a segment of Book Chat virtual TV show

  • One Free copy of the book to each author participant

  • Purchase at author print cost any time shipped to your door 

  • Guest appearance on book launch podcast to promote your participation and your brand

  • Marketing and distribution on email and social media

  • Customized social media & email marketing tools and graphics designed to help you promote your contribution as an author

  • Featured in our annual author celebration ebook.

Other benefits!

What we provide

Supporting your writer needs!


Writer Onboarding

Welcome with ease and clarity.

We have a unique onboarding process to help the process flow with ease so that your experience is memorable from start to finish.  Starting with a welcome from our CRO (Cheif Relationship Officer!) with an onboarding package that includes:

  • project details

  • project flow

  • participation directions

  • directions to schedule your personal 1:1 welcome call with our CRO (or a member of the author relations team!)  

Writing with Pen


Getting started

Tips, activities, exercises, support, and even office hours with members of our editorial team to get you started with your writing process.  

School Notebook

Proofreading & Editing

Getting it right!

Opportunities to submit your drafts for review as you work through your portion of the book.  With feedback and suggestions from professional writers to help you strengthen your story!

Colorful Books

Published Book

Get published!

The final result of the project will be a real published book!  Our program delivery includes launch events that will feature the authors and their stories.  These are proven events that we use to achieve best-selling status with our books.   


Be a Best-Selling Author

The benefits of being a best seller!

Although we can not guarantee a best seller the techniques and tools our team use have proven results!  What are the benefits of being a best-selling author:

Being able to say that you are a best-selling author is priceless!

You will sell more books, programs services 

You will gain credibility 

You will become more sought after for lectures, workshops, and speaking engagements.  

Clapping Audience

Our Author Family

Be a part of a community!

As a member of our author family, you will receive more than just a listing on our site.  You will also be a part of our marketing and promotional campaigns. 

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