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Tell your story and become a best selling author!

Self-publishing can be very expensive.  Some companies charge as much as $20,000 to take on authors to self publish.  Our goal is to help you step onto the author stage, become a best seller.  Our author support includes:

  • Author relations manager.  Our CRO (Chief Relationship Officer) will work with you to help you focus your voice to tell your story.

  • Author feedback and editing.  Our editing staff will read and review your submission for quality and content.  You will receive feedback and coaching to make updates for your final submission.

  • Author review and approval.  You are involved in the final approval of your submission.

  • Author participation package that will include all deadlines, milestones, goals, etc.  The process is designed to be as easy as possible for you.


Two Lions Group LLC has been a leader in highlighting and presenting holistic, new age, and spiritual entrepreneurs in virtual summits, newsletter articles, podcasting, and other media strategies.  Our goal has been to help give opportunities to growing entrepreneurs while presenting information and services to the public.  Our focus on book publishing for all subjects of interest is to present professionals and talented individuals who have a passion and story to tell that may be missed by major publishing houses. 


As a contributing author, you will gain valuable credibility as a subject matter expert in a critical business area.  


Participate in a bestseller launch and wear the badge of a best seller to gain visibility, book speaking engagements, sell programs & courses.

Be a part of our author family and eligible to be considered for speaking events, interviews, and more!

Our 2022 projects

Angels.  About, experiences, and your story

Ascension and the 5th dimension

Attracting love

Bigfoot experiences.  your story

Black leadership lessons & advice

Building & maintaining a great relationship

Children's short stories

Cooking.  Stories about the food you love and why

Crime & mystery short stories

Crystals (about, healing, etc.)

Disaster surviving & prepping

Essential oils

Ghost hunting

Ghost stories.  Your ghost experience

Grief.  Overcoming loss

Gut health

Healing frequencies

Horror short stories

How covid changed my life.  Stories of transformation

I survived.  Your story of inspirational survival


Law of attraction

Life coaching.  Your advice and story

Life philosophy.  Your philosophy and story

Love stories

Mediumship.  Your story and experience

Movies that inspired me


Poetry.  Collection of poetry

Science fiction short stories

UFO experiences.  Your story

UFOs.  Extraterrestrials and history

We have a diverse and exciting list of topics in our project list.  We invite you to consider telling your story while contributing to a best-selling book.  To the is the current list of topics we're looking for.  

Other benefits for participating authors:

  • 1 chapter as a featured author in the project book

  • Be featured on the website and in all our communications/marketing supporting the project

  • Included as a featured author/speaker during a special book launch summit 

  • Inclusion of their presentation from the book launch summit in a free ebook

  • Ability to state that you are a BEST SELLING author

  • Placement of your picture and biography on the book's promo website 

  • A listing as a member of our author family

  • Invitations to special speaking events as part of the book's marketing 

  • Appearance during a segment of Book Chat virtual TV show

  • One Free copy of the book to each author participant

  • Purchase at author print cost any time shipped to your door 

  • Guest appearance on book launch podcast to promote your participation and your brand

  • Marketing and distribution on email and social media

  • Customized social media & email marketing tools and graphics designed to help you promote your contribution as an author

  • Featured in our annual author celebration ebook.

Application process

Project participant fee:

There is a fee to participate in these publishing projects.  Our mission is to give creative and inspirational storytellers access to publishing and the ability to say..."I am a best seller".  The fee to be a part of this collaboration is $250.  This is a one-time fee that gives you access to all the author benefits for the project you apply to.

Project flow.

This is a collaboration project!  The project is organized to make it easy and simple for you.  All you will need to do is complete the application below and you will be pulled into the project flow. 


Participant path:

  • Complete the below application.  

  • Select the project you would like to participate in, include a few sentences about what you wish to write about

  • Your application will be reviewed.  If accepted you will be sent an agreement and invoice for your participant fee

  • Sign and return your agreement

  • Pay your fee

  • Complete and submit your chapter!

  • Begin your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I submit more than 1 chapter in a book project?

Yes, you can!  You will need to submit your registration fee for each chapter.  

Can I submit for more than 1 book project?


Is this a publish for a fee project?

Technically yes.  But the only fee you will be paying to participate is $250 for your chapter contribution.

Why is the fee so low?

We realize our fees are lower than other self-publishers are asking.  Our mission is to help help you bring your story to the community in an affordable way. 

Are all authors who submit to participate selected?

Not everyone.  Your story and subject matter are important.  

What happens if I pay the fee and my project is not selected?

Fees are refunded for authors who pay their fees and are not selected.

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